Zeon Ladyman

Zeon Ladyman - Natural Habitats Team

Zeon Ladyman
Residential Manager

On his return from his OE in the UK, Zeon made the leap from the office-bound lifestyle of Digital Media to the great outdoors of the Landscape Industry.

Zeon launched his career change with Natural Habitats in 2005 and now has a depth of knowledge that can only come from an extensive 17 years in the Landscape industry. 

With his background in digital media and design at Media Design School, Zeon easily transposed his skills into landscape with a keen focus on bespoke designs, quality finishes, honing his exceptional eye for detail. 

As Natural Habitats’ Auckland Landscape Manager Zeon’s diverse knowledge is relied on to deliver iconic and at times, complex projects. Thanks to his passion and hard work, Zeon has been part of and led teams on award-winning projects including Goodside, Smales Farm, Cliff Face Park, Stonefields and Little Doves Childcare.

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