Tom McCarthy

Tom Cropped Commercial Landscaping

Tom McCarthy
Auckland Regional Manager

Formerly in a Senior Project Manager role with Natural Habitats, Tom was appointed to Commercial Landscaping & Group Housing Manager after displaying outstanding leadership skills. As well as delivering projects to a high standard, his main focus involves a high level of client relations, pricing, procurement, as well as quality control.

Tom has more than 15 years of practical experience as a horticulturist and landscaper in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. From a young age, he was an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about the ocean and natural environment.

Originally from the UK, Tom studied at Exeter University in the UK, gaining an honours degree in Business Management, a certificate in Project Management from Monash University and graduated with a National Certificate in Horticulture from Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.

Tom formally gained management experience working for a large civil construction firm in New Zealand, managing large and small landscaping projects. In his current role, Tom is proud to be incorporating sustainable practices and green technology into the rapidly developing construction sector.

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