Graham Cleary


Graham Cleary

Graham founded Natural Habitats in 1978, under the mentorship of the city’s then only Landscape Architect.

Graham has worked on and led many outstanding landscape projects in the South Pacific, including resorts, golf courses, public and private commercial projects and exclusive private estates and homes. Under his leadership, Natural Habitats has grown to be the leading provider of integrated landscape management within Australasia. 

Graham demonstrates coherent leadership of multi-disciplinary teams in order to achieve the unmatched, high-quality outcomes Natural Habitats is renowned for.

Graham is also at the forefront of thinking on the use of natural systems to mitigate urban development issues. He played a pivotal role in Natural Habitat’s pioneering Green Roof and Wall technology within New Zealand. This technology is now highly sought after.

Graham has served as consultant and advisor to numerous landscape design and environmental groups. A conservationist at heart, he is a founding member of Landscaping New Zealand, an accredited Green Roof Professional, an executive of Green Roofs Australasia, an associate of KEA, a participant in the Great Barrier Environmental Trust and a member of Forest & Bird and the Native Forest Restoration Trust.

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